Parryscope Fertility Testing

A Breakthrough in Diagnosing Female Infertility

The Parryscope Fertility Testing approach provides a breakthrough in female fertility testing and more effective alternative to HSG Testing. Our patented diagnostic device that can accurately, gently, and quickly reveal factors in female fertility with a single office visit. Not merely a piece of equipment, our approach is a specific procedure that replaces HSG.

The infertility diagnostic approach is Dr. Parry’s breakthrough fast, effective and gentle testing method that evaluates the core aspects of female fertility in a single diagnostic procedure.

  • ovarian reserve
  • fallopian tube patency (meaning whether the tubes are open so sperm and egg can meet)
  • uterine factors: whether the uterus can accept and nurture the embryo

Just as important as the test itself, is our comprehensive discussion of results in the same appointment, using easy-to-understand language that provides clear guidance on your next fertility steps.

Finally, an Alternative to HSG Testing

99% of women described our fertility test discomfort as None to Moderate

Patients Appreciate Less Painful Approach to HSG Testing

Ashley Maryland’s two medical procedures done to figure out why she was having trouble becoming pregnant were like night and day.

“It was awful,” Maryland, a Vicksburg resident, said of the HSG performed there in 2013. “It was overwhelming pain, and there was nothing I could do. It was the worst pain ever.”But her follow-up procedure with Dr. Parry was a completely different experience.”I anticipated it hurting. I prepared myself for it. But it didn’t hurt at all, and I got to watch it on a screen,” Maryland said. “It was as lovely as it could be for that type of procedure.”

The Parryscope Diagnostic Approach | A Patented Breakthrough in Fertility Testing


Dr. Parry has come up with a device and technique that minimizes discomfort while also being more accurate, faster, cheaper, safer and convenient. It really is a breakthrough for fertility testing that can accurately, gently, and quickly evaluate the core aspects of female fertility in a single office visit.

In medical terms, our diagnostic approach evaluates the three critical factors in a woman’s fertility:

  • Ovarian Egg Reserve,
  • Blockage of the Fallopian Tubes, and the
  • Uterus’s Suitability for Embryo Implantation and Successful Pregnancy.

This 20-minute procedure gives same-day results in easy-to-understand language to give each patient a clear, in-depth understanding of her infertility and the treatment options most likely to achieve pregnancy.


Patented female fertility test evaluates three fertility factors in a single visit.

Fertility Factor #1: Are there a reasonable number of eggs?


We use ultrasound to perform an antral follicle count (AFC) for the ovaries to determine this. Antral follicles are small sacs filled with fluid that contain an immature egg. We measure and count the antral follicles in both ovaries to determine whether the number of potential eggs remaining in the ovaries is low, normal, or robust.


Fertility Factor #2: Can sperm and eggs meet in the fallopian tubes for fertilization?


Using Dr. Parry’s unique technique, we determine whether one or both fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged. Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes can affect pregnancy chances in two ways:

  1. by preventing sperm from reaching the egg for fertilization;
  2. preventing a fertilized egg from reaching the uterus for implantation.

When combined with an ultrasound, our fertility test can sometimes identify scarring in the pelvis that might reflect a previous infection, endometriosis, or other problems.


Fertility Factor #3 Is the uterus favorable for embryo implantation and successful pregnancy?


Using ultrasound to understand the broader pelvis and outer uterus and a special thin and flexible hysteroscope for the inner uterus, we get valuable insight into whether the uterus can accept and nurture the embryo.

Our technique is as safe if not safer than alternative approaches, with likely fewer infections (a less than .2% infection rate) and rare vasovagal events. And our fertility testing approach is dramatically less painful to patients. Only 0.2% experienced maximum discomfort with the Parryscope technique, compared with 32% for HSG testing.

This is crucial, as many instances of infertility are due to a woman’s fertilized egg failing to implant in the uterus for development. Issues with the uterus may also cause miscarriages.

How it Works

Patented female fertility test evaluates three fertility factors in a single visit. Dr. Parry’s procedure uses a narrow, flexible fiber-optic camera, saline, and air to determine if the saline and air bubbles can enter the fallopian tubes and if the uterus is receptive to pregnancy. Dye isn’t used at all.

“If the air bubbles don’t go in, the sperm may have trouble getting in, too.” says Dr Parry “We use technology so small and gentle that the speculum for a Pap smear is typically worse. The camera is the width of a coffee straw.”

An article published in 2017 showed that 91% of women undergoing Parryscope have mild to no discomfort, as opposed to 32% undergoing the HSG test reported extreme discomfort.

The goal of our test is to identify a woman’s chances for pregnancy quickly and to help her decide whether she should continue with natural conception, try oral medication and insemination, or move on to an assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

A Better Approach to Evaluating Fertility


92% of women preferred our new Fertility Testing approach to HSG

In our detailed study, reported in The Journal of Minimally Invasive. Gynecology that compared HSG testing to our technique, 92% of women preferred Parryscope to HSG testing

New fertility testing approach had a 98% success rate

Our technique was found to be over 98% successful in identifying fallopian tube blockage.

99% of women described our fertility test discomfort as None to Moderate

Our approach data showed, less than 0.2% experienced severe discomfort compared to 32% experiencing severe pain with HSG.


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