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About Positive Steps Fertility

Fertility shouldn’t be hard. At Positive Steps Fertility we remove the barriers in your journey to parenthood.

At Positive Steps Fertility we are focused on providing our patients the best possible care that is easy to comprehend. From our expert physician to our nurses and the lab team to the front desk staff, every person in our office has the same goal of treating our patients like family as we help them build their family.

Dr. John Preston “Pres” Parry opened Positive Steps Fertility with the goal in mind to provide top notch care to patients that is easy to understand and accessible.

Positive Steps Fertility is located in Madison, Mississippi, allowing for easy access for the whole state of Mississippi and surrounding states.

Positive Steps Fertility – What We Do


We start our journey together by listening to patients explain their wants and needs. Then we complete a thorough exam to determine the cause of infertility.

Diagnostic testing will include both the male and female components. For female diagnostics we often use Parryscope® testing, a quick, accurate and gentle test to diagnose the cause of a woman’s infertility.


After identifying the cause of infertility, we talk with our patients recommending the best course of treatment to assist in growing their family.

We explain any possible side effects and make sure to be up front with our patients about the success chances and cost with each option. We are proud to offer the following fertility treatment options.

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